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Before I became a CG modeller, I was a professional graphic designer. I worked for one year at Excalibur Publications designing client and house ads. Then I worked at Teledirect Publications for a summer working on ads to be placed in the Yellow Pages directory. Along the way, I have been a freelance designer primarily for Hobby Star Marketing, the promoter of the Canadian National Comic Expo. I still offer design services primarily for comic book inclined clients.

Our publishing experience allows us to offer top quality catalogue and menu production services.
Candle By Mail
48 page catalogue for Candle By Mail.
Click here to view the interiors

Candle By Mail
48 page catalogue for Name That Tune!.
Designed by Jim Su, Cover By Marvin Mariano.

Hobby Star Marketing
Canadian National Comic Book Expo
Canadian National Anime Expo
Canadian National Science Fiction Expo

Great American Comic Book Expo
Great American Anime Expo

Great American Science Fiction Expo
Crozonia Cover 2
Logo for Dappadon Entertainment
Client: Dappadon Entertainment
Logo for the rock band Chikara
Client: Chikara

New Era Athletics
New Era Athletics

New Era Athletics
New Era Athletics
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