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Crozonia Origin
Page 24 - The origin of Atlantis as told by Acaste in Crozonia Issue 1
Crozonia Origin
Page 25 - The origin of Atlantis as told by Acaste in Crozonia Issue 1.
Page 8 Issue 1 - Jim Su Pencils Inks, Etienne St. Laurent - Colors.
Crozonia Pin Up by Ben and Ray Lai. Peter Kostka - Colors.
Crozonia Pin Up by Jeff Panek.

Haven DistributorsDear Retailers,
Thank - you for ordering Crozonia Issue 1 through Diamond Comic Distributors. The first issue arrived in stores early in April 2009. Sales were very respectable for an independent book, but unfortunately did not meet Diamond's new policy for minimum orders. Issues 2-4 will not be offered through Diamond. The good news is Haven Distributors has picked up Crozonia! If your customers are looking for more Crozonia issues, please order from them here using to order codes CROZBEA002 and CROZBEA003. You can call them at 1-877-HAVEN-50 to set up an account or through their online order form.

I look forward to bringing more Crozonia issues to the direct market fans!


Jim Su
Beach Creative Studios, Inc.

Pre Order Crozonia in February 2009!
In the depths of the abyss, a war is being waged between the aquatic cities of Atlantis and Crozonia! Based on the Plato mythology, Atlantis was a war mongering civilization that was struck down to the bottom of the ocean by the wrath of the gods. Crozonia separated from Atlantis over five hundred years ago, and has never had a truly peaceful co-existence with its former ruler. Now Atlantis has declared war, and prepares the re-unification of the underwater world. Acaste, the princess mermaid of Crozonia is thrust into the role of leading her people. She quickly finds herself making the difficult decision of choosing between freedom and security. Matt Stark, a surface dweller caught in the middle of this battle not only witnesses this war, but may be the key to its outcome! A stranger in a strange land tale! Published by Beach Creative Studios. Created by Jim Su and Dan Merisanu. Story and Artwork by CGI veteran Jim Su. Colors by Peter Kostka and Etienne St. Laurent.

Diamond order code: FEB094108 Shipping: April 2009.
How to order: Go to your local comic book store and ask to order Crozonia #1 by February 24th.
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About Jim Su: A CGI veteran with credits in productions such as: Death Race, Resident Evil: Extinction, ReBoot, Spider-Man: The Animated Series, Transformers Beast Machines. Jim is taking the plunge into the comic book industry!

About Beach CS: A creative services studio and publishing company, Beach CS has been producing artwork for brands such as Matchbox, Marvel Super Hero Squad, Indiana Jones and Transformers. Beach CS is the producer of The Art of ReBoot, and an upcoming comic book series based on a current Cartoon Network series. To be revealed in February!
Making Waves in 2009
Issue 1 Issue2
Issue One ships in stores April 2009. FEB094108

Issue Two Order at Haven

Issue 3 Issue 4

Issue Two Order at Haven

Issue Four ships in stores October 2009.

Issue Four will make it's debut at Wizard World Chicago! August 6-9, 2009
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