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Matchbox Portfolio
Rob Ruffolo - Project Manager and Artist

Rob Ruffolo is the former art director of Dreamwave Production, working on the Transformers line of comic books. He has also colored IDW's Transformer comic books. Now with Beach CS, he has been coloring, illustrating and project managing the Bakugan portfolio. He has also worked on the Matchbox line for Beach CS.

Rob has contributed to Beach CS publishing projects such as The Art of ReBoot, Crozonia, and Storm Hawks.

Now as project manager for Beach CS, Rob is now responsible for not only the art, but the coordination and delivery of major Creative Services projects.

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Matchbox Missions Cover Crozonia Demented DMF Comics

Production Art illustrated by Jim Su, Colors by Rob Ruffolo.
Client: Buck Productions

Storm Hawks Pin Up illustrated by Sanford Greene, Colors by Rob Ruffolo.
Storm Hawks Pin Up illustrated by Randy Green, Colors by Rob Ruffolo.
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